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New Hyde Park Memorial Class of 1964

Many thanks to Bob & Joan Steinroeder for putting it together and to all those who traveled from near and far to be there.  

Gail Ackerson Hartnett (ID), 

Lou Dellavecchia (NC), 

Deirdre Jersey(NC), 

Mildred M. Tassone (LI)

 Lauren Beaudet Robertson, her husband & son (CT), 

Ellen Lynch (LI),, 

Eileen Danielson (LI),  

Harriet D'Amico (PA), 

Paul Monaco (LI), 

Frances Boccio Carnovale (SC), 

Gene & Patty Hilinski, (LI), 

Jeannette Fricker (LI), 

Jeanette Rickmers (LI) &

 Lois Hausch (NHP '63-LI). 

I am officially making Patty an honorary member of our class and am so glad that Gene was well enough to attend.  God bless all of us and let's plan on ALL being together in 2024 for our 60-year Reunion.  Be well and take care of your loved ones. 

Love, Rich and Peggy.

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